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Friday, 8 March 2013

Broken Dark Art Photoscape Tutorial

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 How To Save :
Right Click on the Image 
Then Save Image As 
Provided By Momal Afzal

Open your PhotoScape click "Editor" and change to the ward "Object".
O2. Go " 
Photography > Photo "and open the texture you downloaded earlier in the tutorial. When you open the texture you will see a small window called "Photo", this window change the value of "Opacity" to 64 and then give "OK". Now adjust the texture so that it occupies the whole area of ​​the photo

After setting, click "Photo + Objects", check the "Combine your photo with objects" and hit "OK". 
O3. Change to the ward "Home" and click "Auto Contrast> High." Now press "Ctrl + C" to copy your photo and click "Undo All". 
O4. Back to the ward "Object" and select " Photography > Photo Clipboard ". Note that the window called "Photo" appeared automatically. Drag the window "Photo" up, put the "Anchor" on "center" and "X" you must enter the width of your photo into negative Now click on "Photo + Objects", check the box "The object is outside the scope of your photo ..." and press "OK" 
O5. Change to the ward "Tools" and select the tool "Clone Stamp". In this part you should have a little more attention ... You will draw with this tool, a straight line going from any point of the image on the left side at the same point in the image on the right side. I used as the corner point of the image of the left side and the beginning of the right image. It is very important points that come out in the same place, otherwise you will not achieve the desired effectWe understand how this tool before you use it ... It is very simple to use it, it will transfer the image from the first point to the second. So we should use it only in the areas we want to transfer ... In short, is a brush cloning. 
Pass it across the skin of the person's photo on the right side, you can pass on the lips if you want, just do not spend on clothing, hair and even eyes. If you need you can change the brush size of this tool, you have these three size options, choose it deems necessary: 
If you make a mistake just click on "Undo" and try again. A zoom helps a lot too ... 
O7. When you finish this step, switch to the wing "Cut", select just the right image and click "Cut". 
O8. Go back ward "Home" and click: 
× Filter> Noise> 15 
Sharpen> 3 
× Brightness, color> Deepen> Medium 
× Brightness, color> Contrast Enhacement> Medium 
× Brightness, color> Darken> Medium ( Gray Ton) 
× Filter> vignette> # 3 
× Filter> Effect Film> cinema - Low 
× Brightness, color> Darken> Medium 
× Filter> Effect Film> cenima - Low 
O9. Ready! This is a very simple, so do not recommend for beginners. 

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